Winter in Quechee – Perfect baby steps into skiing / snowboarding for kids!

We always wanted to get our kids on skis early.  Last year, we pulled our daughter on a set of skis for a total of 5 minutes – she loved it!  This year, she’s 3.5 and will hopefully get started on skis – I think the hardcore ski families have little ones on skis as soon as they can walk, but for the rest of us mere mortals, generally 4 years old is on the early side.

Quechee has a great Kids program – including “day care” which is basically games and activities for the younger ones… Ski Bees is the group program for 4-7 year olds, then a more intense “Skills & Drills” class for 8-12 year olds.  We have friends with older kids who are on the Quechee Ski Team (which goes up until age 18).  I met a guy who’s kids learned to ski at Quechee, were now nationally ranked juniors and were currently touring in Germany on a ski program.  Not too shabby!  Skiing / snowboarding has gotten so expensive, I love that Quechee is still pretty affordable – you can bring a family of 4 for about $100 (if you buy tickets in advance) and don’t stress out if one in the group has a melt down, or another’s foot hurts, or if mom just wants to relax at the fire.


3 lifts, 13 trails and a Terrain Park – and that’s just the skiing / snowboarding!

ski school

Ken Kramberg’s ski school is renowned for teaching kids the basics for being safe, excelling, and having fun… more than a few accomplished skiers and riders started at Quechee.

Quechee Club organizes tons of family activities - there are free Sleigh Rides from Quechee Base Lodge (next to Ski Mountiain & Sledding Hill).

Quechee Club organizes tons of family activities – there are free Sleigh Rides from Quechee Base Lodge (next to Ski Mountiain & Sledding Hill).

The Swiss Alps, it ain’t.  Then again, if you’re looking for more intense downhill action, there are many within a short drive:

  • Suicide Six (Woodstock, about 15 mins drive):  2 lifts, 1 J-bar, 23 runs, 650′ vertical
  • Mt Sunapee (Sunapee NH, about 30 mins drive):  11 lifts, 63 trails, 1510′ vertical
  • Killington + Pico (Rutland VT, about 40 mins drive):  29 lifts, 212 trails, 3050′ vertical
  • Swiss Alps (Switzerland, about 6 hrs flight)

The best part about Quechee is there’s tons of activities even if you don’t like skiing (or just want a day off):  from ice skating, to sledding, to x-country, to snow shoeing, to just taking a sleigh ride, or getting a massage at the club.  There’s something for everyone.

Norwich VT: A Perfect Half Day

Besides all the great activities at the Quechee Club, we love the proximity to many other amazing areas – like Norwich VT.  Just a short 20 minute drive up I-91 leads to a mecca of amazing activities for the whole family.

Here’s one itinerary we like to do ALOT – with everything in short proximity to each other.

Breakfast at King Arthur Flour

KAF pack

If you’ve ever shopped for flour at a grocery store before, you’ve probably seen the packs above.  Now, they’re not necessarily as well-known as Pillsbury or Gold Medal, but I always like smaller more premium brands – especially when they’re local to New England.  King Arthur Flour definitely fits the bill.  The company was actually founded in 1790 in Boston, MA so to say it’s been around a while is a massive understatement.  They’ve focused on more serious / professional bakers, with a flour that’s never bleached.  From the flour, they’ve expanded into a ton of high-end baking products / supplies, and now a bakery store / cafe / class.  Lucky for us, they’re located in nearby Norwich VT and in 2012 opened up a completely renovated facility which is simply gorgeous.  We go for the amazing pastries, sandwiches, and pancake mix (to pair with Vermont Maple Syrup).  Have yet to try a class (since they’re almost always sold out), but definitely going to try and hit one soon.

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Outside King Arthur Flour's flagship store in Norwich - it's a beautiful, modern yet rustic building with equal parts show, shopping, classes, food.

Outside King Arthur Flour’s flagship store in Norwich – it’s a beautiful, modern yet rustic building with equal parts show, shopping, classes, food.

KAF retail store is a baker's paradise.  Try and get out of there without buying home made marshmallows & graham crackers for s'mores.

KAF retail store is a baker’s paradise. Try and get out of there without buying home made marshmallows & graham crackers for s’mores.

KAF school

Never taken a class, since they’re always sold out, but they’re highly rated.

Montshire Museum of Science

After stuffing ourselves with breakfast, head over to nearby Montshire with the kiddos.  They call it a Museum of Science, but it’s more like a Discovery Playland for the young folk.  Lots of things to see, feel, touch, interact with – with a side of learning and creativity building.  A great place to burn a few hours – especially if the weather is bad and the kids are going stir crazy.  In the summertime, bring swimsuits as they have an amazing fountain playground for the kids to play in.  We’ve heard the hiking paths are pretty cool too (but we haven’t been yet).  Open daily from 10AM to 5PM.

Massive musical displays to interact with...

Massive musical displays to interact with…


A giant lithophone…


Who doesn’t love bubbles?


Water park – learn how water moves, behaves, and get wet while you do it. What’s not to love?

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Norwich Farmers Market

We love hitting farmers markets in VT… because often the stuff was picked the day before, so it’s hard to get it any fresher.  Norwich has one of the best farmers markets around.  In the wintertime they move indoors and it becomes more artisan, but still worth the visit.  Pick up a fresh loaf of bread, some veggies for an amazing salad & side dish for the dinner you cook at home.  The restaurants are great, but we love a few meals at home as well…

Unbelievable selection and freshly picked.

Unbelievable selection and freshly picked.

Beautiful eggplant

Beautiful eggplant

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Lunch at Norwich Inn


A fresh brewed pint – try the cask conditioned ales… the way beer was meant to be drank (or drunk).

If you’re still with us at this point, congrats!  A nice way to cap off the half day is stopping at the Norwich Inn… they’ve got a great pub where they only use local ingredients, and more importantly, brew their own beer.  Typically have 4-6 rotating beers on tap.  They have a nicer dining room, but we prefer the more casual pub.

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If you’ve got kids who still nap, it’s time to head home!  If you’re out of the nap zone, take the short trip to Hanover, NH – home to Dartmouth College.  Lots of parents wish their kids got in there (until they see the bill and realize no scholarships).  Still, a cute little college town with lots of shops, a few nice restaurants, and a dash of culture as well.  Hanover merits its own blog post… coming soon.