End of a GREAT first Winter Season

A little less than 2 weeks left in the season, and it was GREAT for us… we had a nice balance of renters, along with using it ourselves (and getting Maya up on skis for the first time!).  Quick update on Maya – 3 half-days of lessons, and she went to the top of the mountain for her last run!  My wife & I were shocked as we thought she was done for the day – only to head straight to the chair lift!  Not to mention, this happened right after the Sugar Loaf chair lift accident… needless to say, we were nervous / worried about her first trip up – would she be scared up so high, would she freeze on the way down… she made it down in about 10 minutes, and her biggest issue was needing to pee!

After giving high fives to Kylie (her teacher) and getting her prize, the only sad feelings came from Owen (22 mos old) bawling as he couldn’t go skiing with Maya.  Nice thing is they let him take a prize… he’ll definitely get up on skis next year (Kylie started right around 2 years old).

Thank you to everyone who rented our place in our inaugural Winter Season – there were probably some bumps in the road as we did this for the first time, but I think it was wildly successful – with many people inquiring about extra weekends and someone even asking to rent out 6 weekends next winter already!  We’re going to be lowering rates for the “shoulder” season (April / May and Sep / Nov – except Foliage Season in Oct), so check out the lower rates!

Get your requests in early if you are interested in renting again – and we’re essentially fully-booked for June already – as such, we’re moving to week-only rentals in July & August (we’ll make occasional exceptions).

Thanks again for your support!

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