Strawberry / Blueberry Pick Your Own (PYO) @ Cedar Circle

Nothing better on a cloudy day that Pick Your Own strawberry & blueberries!  Our favorite in the Upper Valley is Cedar Circle Farm in Thetford, VT.  It’s about 10 minutes north of Norwich – so not a bad option to tag along to a visit to Montshire / Hanover / King Arthur.

It used to be a family-run farm, but has since transitioned to a part of the Vermont Land Trust – basically, it’s historical… and they’ve maintained all the charm that we love about Vermont – complete with farm stand, beautiful green house & flowers, and even dock access to a river which our kids love to play in…

NOTE:  Both the strawberry and blueberry picking seasons are REALLY short (3 wks each in June for strawberries and July for blueberries), so plan ahead!  And pick more than you need (you can always freeze a bunch!).  Our kids LOVE pick your own – and who could blame them?


Way smaller than what we find in grocery stores – but way more delicious too. Literally bursting with juices…


Maya tries not to eat TOO many strawberries ; )


It’s a family affair, this strawberry picking is…


Owen’s first visit is a SUCCESS

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