Hot Air Balloons in Quechee

No matter how many times you see hot air balloons – and it’s pretty often in Quechee (including at the annual Hot Air Balloon festival), you have to stop and stare.  It is seriously like a religious experience.  There are 2 main companies that launch balloons from the Quechee Green:  Balloons of Vermont and Balloons over New England.  Lisa took me on one a few years back for my birthday (in early October) – one of those “bucket list” things to add to your life to-do list.  I prefer the dusk excursions, since you get to see the sun set, and fall time is great since you get insane views of the foliage from up high.

It’s not for the faint of heart… the thought that you’re in something that the balloon master only has moderate control over… you typically land in a random person’s yard.  The first few seconds are frightening as you slowly lift off… then you’re gliding effortlessly in the air… what’s amazing is how peaceful it is… and how quiet – you look down and see everyone pull their cars over, people come out of their houses and wave, and you can hear everyone screaming from the ground.  Nothing like it… our kids have seen so many get blown up and they never tire of the experience.  Definitely something we’ll do with them when they get older… but watching the process is so magical… we even had a balloon land in our yard last time we were there!


Yes Owen, I see the hot air balloon… and no you can’t catch it!


Lisa & Maya posing before they chase the balloon!

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