Winter 2016 – VERY different, but still great for beginner skiers!

So 2016 has been a little different from last winter… We spent Xmas week without any snow which was a bit of a bummer… But we finally got the chance to ski in early Feb – and despite the mountain looking pretty pathetic, the snow was actually in great shape.  And it was like balmy spring skiing at 36 degrees!  We finally got Owen up on skis – at 2 yrs 9 months, he was definitely on the early side but he’s always been uber coordinated… Too bad he was too young for group lessons… We paid $100 for a private lesson with Amy, but he did great and he loved it!  Only time he cried was because he couldn’t ride the chair lift to the top of the mountain!

Pro tip:  you don’t need a lift ticket for kids under 7… And adults don’t need a lift ticket for the rope tow – perfect for newcomers when you have no idea if / whether they’ll take to the sport!!!

And little Maya is now a veritable expert – she gets on the rope tow all by herself and basically goes up and down solo. Couldn’t be more proud of these kids!  We love Quechee in the winter… Even though we probably only go up about 10 days a season, the kids totally love it there in winter.

At least 2 more weekends for us this winter – I can’t wait to go top to bottom with both kids – which I’m pretty certain will happen this year!  We’re booked through mid March – get your requests in for late March if you want to get in one last ski trip!

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