New Quechee Club Pool is Opened… and it’s AMAZING

Count me as one of the people who thought the old pool was “good enough”… nothing special, but definitely not in dis-repair… why spend the time and money for a small upgrade?  After finally experiencing the new pool, I feel like it could be a game-changer for the Quechee Club and Quechee in general.  We had some great memories at the old pool – where both Maya & Owen learned to swim…

quechee outdoor pool

The “old” pool was totally fine – I had no complaints… but the NEW one is WOW!

Our family has always loved the summers here – but for some reason, people still only really think of Vermont during the winter (and perhaps a few weekends in the fall for leaf peeping).  This new pool complex was mind-blowing in that the new complex:

(1) is massive – huge kids play area, with zero entry ramp, and a crazy mushroom fountain.  Plenty of places for parents / caretakers to watch (even if they don’t want to go completely in the pool).  Nice separation from big-person portion of pool.


The view of the split kiddie (on left) – adult (on right) pool.  The new building on right is the new amazing indoor pool


Owen posing in front of the new kiddie area – PLENTY of space for all the little ones.


A mushroom-shaped shower fountain?  Why the heck not?

(2) has TONS of lounging space – it was probably more crowded than I’ve ever seen it at Quechee’s pool – yet it didn’t feel that way… there’s just so many tables, recliners – just overall space so you never felt like people were breathing over your shoulder…


This was the set-up for a special golf event – but there’s TONS of patio space

(3) boasts an improved snack shack with some real food (and adult beverages) right there… no more need to trudge upstairs to the deck.  Get a yummy lobster roll and Lawsons Sip o Sunshine right on the deck.  Yes please!  Never tried Lawson’s before? Quechee Club has it ON TAP… for the uninitiated, LSOS only ranks a perfect 100 on BeerAdvocate – just like it’s much better known VT cousin Alchemist Heady Topper (I actually prefer Lawson’s).


(4) new bathrooms right off snack bar… those of us with little ones remember the multiple “gotta go pee” calls, along with the need to walk 5 mins back into the club, worry about getting the carpet wet, and get back outside so it’s freezing again to get back into the club… no mas – new bathrooms a short walk away… gotta go pee?  no problemo little guy…

(5) new Indoor pool is amazing as well!  It’s 2X larger than before – and just like the new outside pool – has a zero entry ramp, a separate kids area, and just beautiful design features like the post & beam arches.  We actually swam indoors on Friday night so got to experience the splendor of the indoor pool too.  While not quite a jacuzzi, this will be great during the winter post-ski runs for the kiddos to burn off a few more calories.


So, yes count me as part of the converted… this makes Quechee a truly amazing four-season destination – especially for younger families…

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