Reason #1765 we love Quechee – life’s firsts

We’ve been happy Quechee owners for a few years now, but visited for over a decade. Getting out of Boston for weekends and week long trips, lets us really get quality time in with the family.  So instead of running from gym class to music class to play dates and birthday parties, we just enjoy being with each other.  We also are way more active in the beautiful Vermont countryside… our kids have learned to ski, swim & kayak here… time to add another…

We’re celebrating Maya’s 5th birthday this weekend in Vermont… she’s been riding a balance bike for the past year, but has been asking about a big girl bike.  Here’s a video of her FIRST ride on her new big girl bike.  The feeling of pride is indescribable when you see your kid master something new.  Seems silly, as it’s hardly an important life skill – but let a dad gloat for a second:

Here’s the link to Maya riding for the first time.  She had one bad fall – but proud dad moment #2, she got right back up after wiping her tears off… and did about 10 more rides.

Now it’s little Owie’s turn for the balance bike… as the little brother, he’s always nipping at Maya’s heels, doing everything about a year earlier than she did.  So expect that he’ll be doing his inaugural big boy bike next year!


My turn on the balance bike!

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