Chasing hot air balloons…

Balloon ride thru Quechee gorge

Add yet another hot air balloon memory to the archives… This time we decided to keep up the kids up late – and follo a hot air balloon… We asked the official “chase” vehicle permission (so they didn’t think it was weird we were following them).  You see it turns out that “chase” is a bit of a misnomer – there’s quite a bit of waiting… while chasing.

Changing the “chase”vehicle

Honestly, the best part was how much fun the kids had… Maya exclaimed “this is the best day EVER!” and Owen was shaking her couldn’t contain his excitement.  Vermont for us is all about the memories we’re creating with the kids… 

More for the memory bank!

I’ve always said the amazing thing about hot air balloons is that you never lose the awe in watching.  Same goes for the landing… People come from far and wide when a balloon lands nearby… Its an instant party.  Ironically, we once had a balloon land in our yard – while we were there – and somehow missed the whole thing (relayed from our neighbors).  So we were glad to somehow relive it for the kids this time.  We’ll definitely do it again…

The balloon almost landed on this house!

… before settling in this guys yard (3rd time!)

Owen gets to hop in the basket!

All the kids (and once protective patent) pulling the balloon down

Its really heavy – Lisa was worried Owen would get pulled away!

Like a giant game of tug o war

Maya striking a pose as the final but if air get squeezed out

it’s a crazy process – I’ll stop complaining about debating our bouncy house

I think we convinced mom to allow the kids to go when they turn 18… highly recommend Balloons over New England if you’reInterested in trying it out… we loved our experience!

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