Quechee Babysitters means nights out for Parents too!

I riff quite a bit about the fun activities for the kiddos and families in general… one thing I haven’t blogged about is adult time – but my wife & I get that a LOT in Quechee too.  After spending virtually all day with the kids, we also don’t feel as much guilt in taking off at bed time for a nice dinner and a few drinks!

We’ve been assembling a list of babysitters from the time we started having kids and visiting Quechee!  I think it’s one of those instinctive things all newer parents do anytime they meet a seemingly responsible young adult – immediately ask the question:  “Do you babysit?”.  Fortunately, we’ve found some pretty amazing sitters – including one family of 3 daughters – all of whom have watched our kids over the past few years.  We’ve also found a few lifeguards from the Quechee pool – hey, they’re trained in CPR and typically watch over about a hundred kids, so you know they’re qualified.

But honestly, I really love talking to these kids – typically high schoolers – about growing up in Quechee – they all have fond memories of participating in the Pentathalon over the 4th of July, or remembering the first time they swam out to the dock in Lake Pinneo, or being on the Quechee Ski Race team… I know we’ve made the right choice – as these are older kids who STILL love coming to Quechee and spending time with their parents.

But back to places to go for parents night out – some of our favorite haunts, if you’re able to secure a sitter:

  • Cloudland Farm (Pomfret) – also a good family place, but we also like adults only – enjoying the porch for a pre-dinner drink, then BYO for an always yummy meal.
  • Simon Pearce bar area – this is newly renovated – and already one of Lisa’s favorites… yummy bites, and great cocktails, in a cool setting… not the most comfortable bar stools, but I’m just being petty.
  • Worthy Kitchen (Woodstock) – again also a good family place – but amazing craft beer selection makes it one of daddy’s favorite watering holes.  Be sure to sample the Foley Brothers or Lawsons that are hard to find otherwise in the area!
  • Osteria Pane e Salute (Woodstock) – if you’re lucky enough to score a reservation here, thank your stars!  We literally tried for a few years before FINALLY scoring a reservation this past 4th of July week… they’re only opened Thu – Sun and have maybe 20 seats there.  But amazing farm fresh, italian food – from their farm, and wine – from their vineyards.  Caleb & Deirdre will treat you right…
  • Woodstock Inn (Woodstock) – this place is always amazing – whether it’s a more casual meal at Richardsons Tavern / dessert on the outdoor deck, or a white linen meal in the Red Rooster restaurant, I’ve literally never had a bad meal or experience here.

So many other places we like – like Quechee Inn @ Marshland (good prix fixe deals on Wed & Fri), eating on the deck at Parker House, or the new Public House near Quechee Gorge (I’ll probably write a separate post about this place for “family friendly dining”.  I haven’t even mentioned the Quechee Club (we love the buffet lunch on the deck, and had some great meals at Davidson’s as well, plus more casual fare at Murphy’s Tavern in the winter).

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